Experiencing back pain during your pregnancy? If you suffer from chronic back pain, back labor or migraines while pregnant, we can help. Read about our safe and effective treatment and the cause of pregnancy related pain.

The Facts:

    • Back pain occurs in 50-70% of pregnant woman and up to 68% of women for as long as 1 year after delivery.
    • As baby grows, the uterus is stretched to 10 X normal length, and increases 20 X in normal weight, stretching, weakening, and increasing pressure on abdominal, core, and pelvic floor muscles.
    • The hormone, Relaxin, works to relax ligaments in pelvis to widen birth canal in preparation for birth, but it also effects other postural stabilization ligaments and muscles of the body, which can be a source of pain.
    • Center of gravity moves up and forward as stomach and breasts grow. Your back attempts to compensate by increasing spinal curvatures and bringing shoulders forward.
    • All these change in the body can cause your spine, hips, and Sacroiliac Joint to become unstable and lose alignment.

How ABC Physical Therapy can help? 

    • Work with our trained and knowledgeable staff.
    • Experience the “Leveling Technique(R)” in which we will carefully and accurately align your pelvis, sacrum, and vertebral segments of your spine to achieve maximum pain relief.
    • Learn self alignment techniques to immediately reduce your pain and symptoms without medication throughout your day.
    • Receive careful instruction in body mechanics and posture while you prepare for and care for your new baby.
    • Strengthen and stretch key muscles in the core, hips, back, and pelvic floor to increase spinal and pelvic strength, mobility, and stability.
    • Use a non-elastic external stabilization belt designed for pregnancy. It has been shown to reduce posterior pelvic pain in 82% of women.
    • Use a seat cushion designed with a cut-out for the sacrum to reduce pressure put on the spine in sitting.
    • Our massage therapists can relax and soothe those achy, tired muscles as you lie comfortably on our specially designed pregnancy pillow.
    • Combine Massage therapy, the Leveling Technique(R), self alignment techniques and self-care education for the best, drug free pain relief available.

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