It is “Alternative” for a reason. It is the same reason that I invested everything I had to start up an independently owned Physical Therapy company back in 2001. I discovered a consistent finding about low back pain (LBP) shortly after graduating in 1995. Every time I assessed a patient with LBP, I found that the Sacroiliac joint (SIJ) was involved, but not diagnosed. In fact, I have read 28 years of MRIs regarding LBP and the reports mention nothing of it. I feel this is the biggest piece of the puzzle for LBP that is not addressed, along with lumbar facet joints being displaced causing a twisted spine. Accurate alignment of these structures gives immediate relief. Restricted / displaced facet joints are a consistent finding throughout the spine from the lumbar spine to the cervical spine. These can give rise to muscle spasms, sharp pains, sciatica, radicular symptoms of numbness and tingling, H/As and migraines. Our unique philosophy of care addresses all these issues much differently than any discipline, including physical therapy. We utilize the “Leveling Technique” developed by the founder Chris Ford, PT, MPT, which attains accurate alignment of all 24 vertebra and the sacrum by gentle mobilization techniques. Accurate alignment = immediate relief and vice versa. Our homework includes specific exercises, dos and don’ts for bending lifting and sitting to maintain alignment throughout your day and if you can’t you are taught a simple way to re-align your own back to minimize any pain flare-ups at home.

Who can we help?

For those who suffer from unresolved acute or chronic back pain, neck pain, numbness and tingling in the extremities, sciatica, hip pain, bulging discs, post-surgery and pregnancy related back pain. Alternative Back Care has a solution.

Who should see us for back pain relief?

    • The Leveling Technique is the most accurate alignment technique which produces the most profound and consistent results.
    • Anyone who hasn’t achieved relief with any past or current interventions.
    • If your pain fluctuates in intensity having good days and bad days.
    • Having radicular symptoms in arms or legs.
    • Those who want to avoid surgery.
    • Those who have low back pain and have not heard of the sacroiliac joint. 
    • People who believe they have a hip or groin problem, which are also symptoms from the SIJ.

It is estimated that 80% of people will experience a back problem at some time in their life. Back pain is one of the most common reasons for missing work and the second most common reason to visit the doctor’s office. Over $100 billion is spent on back pain each year and is the leading cause of disability in Americans under the age of 45.

How the SI joint relates to back pain:

The Sacroiliac Joint is shaped like a keystone of a brick archway. Great vertical strength. Because it is our upper half and lower half connection and the base of the spine. One of the most significant and powerful joints in our body. When “your back goes out” this is the joint they refer to. This can result in extreme pain and disability, just like a dislocated joint. When the SIJ is “out” pain increases and when put back “in” it feels better. Good days and Bad days. The other result of the SIJ “going out” is the either right or left side of the pelvis rotates forward or backward. And the pelvis’ “hip bone is connected to the leg bone” is true here, because when the pelvis rotates it changes the position of your hip socket creating a functional leg length difference. This will present like a scoliotic spine.

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